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Denver Movers believe in providing all of our clients with nothing but the best moving tips for your upcoming move. There are certain tasks that must be completed such as the postal change of address form, IRS notification, and change home owner policies, notifying the children's school of your move and bank change of address. Make sure you contact medical and dental offices for the family records. This should be done at least one month prior to your planned move date.

Let Denver Movers assist you with all of your moving preparation needs. We will provide you with a list of task as a reminder which includes the disconnection of the alarm systems, gas, electricity, phones and water in your present home. Arrange for all utilities to be up and running in your new location prior to the actual move. You should make careful preparations for selecting the items that your will take in your car or on the air plane.

Secure packing is the most essential part of a successful move. If you are doing some or all of your packing, it is important to allow a good amount of preparation time for your relocation. Denver Movers completely understand that it is especially crucial that you learn that best packing techniques that will protect your valuables. We will provide you with information that will assist in your packing process.

Contact our customer service for any additional information that will help in making your relocation stress free.

Moving Tips and Check List
Moving Tips
Moving Tips
One Month Before Moving

Fill out a Post Office change of address form.

Fill out an IRS change of address form.

Call about change of home insurance policies

Notify schools of change of address

Notify government and banks of change of address

Make a list of everything you're taking to your new home.

Make copies of your medical and dental records.

Moving out of state? Learn about auto licensing and insurance.

Moving locally? Learn about changing address on driver's license.

Arrange to disconnect gas, electric and other utilities.

Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new place.

Moving Tips
One Week Before Moving

Plan to carry valuable documents/jewelry in your car

Return borrowed library books and videos.

Get rid of all flammables.

Arrange what you're taking with you in the car or plane.

Pack a bag with clothes & toiletries for first day at home.

Pack your personal belongings except for your alarm clock.

Go to sleep early. You'll be glad of it tomorrow.

Moving Day

Moving Tips

Collect all keys to locked items. Put them in a safe place.

Be at home when the movers arrive to sign an inventory list.

Walk around with the crew chief while he does the inventory.

Make sure everything's been readied for the move.

Keep the signed Bill of Lading in an accessible place.

Check the driver has the correct delivery address and phone.

Confirm the expected delivery time with the driver.

Before you leave, do a final walkthrough of every room.